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Attention: Smart Money Secret are the same credit repair system. This has caused some confusion so I wanted to make sure everyone was aware…Thanks!

Smart Money Secret

Smart Money Secret Book

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This is our review of Scott Hilton’s new product Smart Money Secret. If you are looking for the actual site, click the link below:

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Both your credit report and credit score play a very important role to determine your financial health and well being. Having  a large amount of debt is mentally draining and it feels like you are on a sinking ship without a life jacket.

I know this first hand and have felt the stress and panic of receiving the late notices in the mail and the horrible calls from collection agencies. As your debt ratios increase, your credit score is usually on the decline. Just a few years ago, my credit score was lower than my total savings and neither  were going in the right direction.

I write these credit repair product reviews so that every person that searches for credit repair help has the knowledge of each system and which has proven results.

I can personally vouch for hundreds of people that have had credit problems and have seen their life improve drastically by using the system Jay Hannon created called the Smart Money Secret. It is amazing to see daily success stories of people removing multiple negative marks each month and seeing their credit score go up by hundreds of points! Please continue reading if you are one of the millions of people looking for a way out that won’t put you even more in debt…

Is Smart Money Secret a Scam? (I hear this a lot…)

No. A big no. Jay Hannon who has gathered broad experience in debt management and collection created the system. The program will help you even if you have the lowest of credit scores. 18,000+ people are now using this program and each of them help each other learn the step by step system. I have never been in a group that helps each other like these hard working people in the Smart Money Facebook group. I go their daily just to see the success stories even though I have very good credit now.

If you find yourself with bad credit you might think that there is no way to fix your credit and that you will simply be lost and never be able to buy a new car or a house for your family. The truth is that there are many ways to repair your credit and increase your credit score. There are tons of programs and companies out there that promise they will fix your credit and get you the credit scores you need to get the best interest rates.

The truth is that those companies are scams or if they are not they may take forever to fix your credit and may charge you outlandish pricing. There is a way to fix your credit yourself which I call DIY credit repair.  That system is the reason I wrote this Smart Money Secret review. At Smart Money Secret’s website you can get the help that you need to repair your credit and you could see your credit score skyrocket to the top very quickly.

If you click the video below, you will see the presentation that Scott created to explain it all! The video is very informative and interesting!

Advantages of the Smart Money Secret Book

There are advantages using this product. First, it won’t take a lot of time, actually, if one is loyal to the program, you can get a very good results in just 30 days. After one month, you will learn how to control your debt effectively. It means, it will lower your interest rates.

Second is that the program is legal in every details. When I heard about this offer, I thought I will do something illegal, but in my astonishment, it is the perfect and the 100% legal way to improve my credit score. In addition, it does not need someone to have a legal knowledge either. The program is created in a way that anyone can understand.

Third, the program is very safe. It won’t give you problems at all. Your personal information is still confidential. When I searched for credit repair, I got discouraged because, some credit repair companies take advantage of the client’s situation. It took me a very careful understanding because of my suspicion about my choices and preferences. Yet, this program gave me a genuine feelings of serenity to discover that I am protected and dealing with dependable individuals.

Lastly, following this program will help you to get a very satisfying solution in order to have a long term credit success. For example, bankruptcy is not required for you to file for. Because filing for bankruptcy can negatively affect your credit score in many years to come. More of that, talking to the creditors and collectors are not required, either by phone. Many debtors know how hard to handle that situation.

Is the Smart Money Secret Just a Book?

No, if you purchase the book, you will get these benefits:

  • A hard copy of the book sent to you
  • You also get instant access to the PDF version of the book.
  • You get access to the website dashboard that has a step by step “Quick Start” guide as well as other helpful tips
  • You get access to the Smart Money Secret Facebook group where you will join the other 17,000+ members.

*** This Facebook group is worth the price of the book itself. It is where everyone asks questions, helps the newbies, and announces their credit score successes (We use the hashtag #SMCWIN so they are searchable!)***

Smart Money Secret Review – What I Liked

There are many things that I like about Smart Money Secret. The fact that, over time,  my credit report got wiped clean and I was able to start anew was definitely a plus. My credit was restored and I was able to apply and receive credit cards and loans that I needed to fulfill my life’s .

I also felt secure knowing that this “secret” or “credit loophole” was 100% legal and safe for me and my family. I also liked the fact that I got rid of those rude collection agency calls and I no longer had to borrow money from the companies that charged me outrageous interest rates. It goes without saying, I highly recommend Smart Money Secret and I know that if you do the step by step credit repair plan, you will get your credit score to a level that you want.

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Disadvantages of the Scott Hilton’s DIY Credit Repair System

In the video, Jay Hannon discusses a client who applied for the system. An actor, but now working as a part time salesman because of unemployment. Hannon says that the actor needed to improve his credit score to improve his finances. However, he did not give a great example on what he did to improve his credit ratings. In the sales video, I would like to see more details on past members and kid of a “where are they now” feature. IMO, more people would buy it if they saw just a glimpse of the success people are having!

But this story does not affect negatively on the actual credit repair system. Hannon has given different examples of overcoming adversity and how little people actually know about credit laws. But, there are people who believe that smart money secret is in an illegal scheme.  After you purchased the program, you will see that there is nothing to worry about, instead, you will find a very detailed, step by step system that thousands have used legally and successfully.

The Verdict and Conclusion of Our Smart Money Secret Review

Increasing your credit score will help you easily get a loan you desperately need, buy the house you have always wanted, or just a car to get you back and fourth to work. Because of this, you need to have a proven step by step solution like Smart Money Secret. Since the program is built to help you manage your finances, it is not expensive. It only costs you $49 which is nothing compared to the value of the information and “secrets” you learn.  Finally, after all that if you still have worries and are still skeptical, Scott Hilton offers a  100% money guarantee back within 30 days. This is plenty of time to get the system started and see positive results

As I have mentioned before, I write these reviews so that you can compare these DIY credit repair systems for yourself. They all can work for you but I would highly recommend Smart Money Secret first!

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