Quick Credit Repair Made Easy

Quick Credit Repair

Quick Credit Repair

Quick credit repair made easy? That statement or ones like it sound too good to be true. An internet search will generate links to a variety of hucksters all claiming to be able to purge your credit quickly, for a fee.

Bad credit sucks. Take it from me. Years ago I let my credit rating slide. I was young, I didn’t think of the impact it would have on my adult life. I spent YEARS rebuilding my credit score. In this article we have compiled 3 in-depth tips of sure fire methods you can use to quickly repair your credit score.

Tip 1 – First understand your credit score. Be careful, most firms that claim to give you a free credit report will give you the free report without the score. This is useful and worthless at the same time. Credit karma will provide you with the actual score. Seeing where you stand and who you owe is an important first step in moving forward.

Here are the ratings explained:

  • 751 or better – You’re on fire! Your credit’s so good your smoking!
  • 711-750 – Not to shabby and you can get good interest rates too.
  • 651-710 – No body’s perfect but your interest rates shouldn’t be that hi.
  • 581-650 – Almost lousy but you should be able to secure a hi interest loan.
  • 300-580 – Wow! Read this article NOW.

Tip 2 – Get and use a credit card. The fastest way to quick credit repair is actually using credit! If your credit is terrible there exist prepaid cards. Remember the secured credit cards are only good if the issuing bank reports to all 3 credit bureaus. Timely funding the account will amount to baby steps in the correct direction. Maybe you can get a low balance credit card? Use it!! Use it frequently and pay it off frequently.

Don’t go crazy but charge a little here and there. Paying down or paying of a credit card or “revolving account is one of the fastest steps to quick credit repair. Lenders like to see a credit surplus or a big gap between your available credit and credit actually in use.

Tip 3 – Do some homework. Quick credit repair could be as easy as making some phone calls. Often time people have items on their credit histories that could be naturalized quickly. A few hours on the phone and some emails could ultimately be worth $1000’s in future credit.

Surprisingly the bureaus aren’t perfect. Read your history with a fine tooth comb because you could find negative items that in truth aren’t even yours! For example, charge-offs, late-payments, and collections efforts are things to look for. Also make sure your credit limits are accurately reported. Sometimes they are not correct!

Be sure to check the status of accounts that have paid on time and in full. Your creditors make mistakes too and if you have been doing everything correct you should see paid as agreed, or current. Don’t forget bankruptcy, if you declared it they may still have unpaid accounts from that period. Of course anything older than 7 years should drop of your report anyway, but sometime it doesn’t so a call or email could be the answer to quick credit repair.

In conclusion the best defense is a good offense. Pull your own credit record so you know what they know. Begin at once with a prepaid card if necessary. But don’t forget to do your part and ensure that your report is in-fact “your report.” We hope you found these strategies helpful and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to repair your credit history and get back on the road to a happy and debt less life!

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